As I read an email from a woman who serves on staff at her church in youth ministry, tears ran down my cheeks.

You would think that after all these years my heart would not break every time I hear a story like hers. Praise You, most high God that it does break!! In fact I pray that You will continue to break my heart Lord, over and over again until Satan no longer steals the lives of innocent babies, until Satan no longer tramples on the hearts of their broken Mommies.

This sister shared with me her 27 year old secret, she told me about the bondage that the enemy kept her in for many, many years, then she told me of the forgiveness that she “finally” felt from the Lord.

“Then”, she said, “your study shows up!!!”

You see, although she sensed and understood God’s forgiveness, she has told no one of her pain, her loss, or her shame.

Her husband of 23 years does not know, her children do not not know, her Pastor/Employer does not know!!

“Do I have to share my secret or is God’s forgiveness enough?”

First, I cried. Then, I prayed. Now, I humbly respond.

Absolutely, God’s forgiveness is more than enough! (Romans 3:23-24)
He has sent His Son to die for all of our sins, even the sin of abortion.

I have often asked God the very same question. Many people have dark and hidden sins and are never asked to share things like adultery, crime, abuse, lying, stealing, or just plain anger!!

There is no requirement, outside of God’s call on an individual heart, to share our sin with anyone other than God alone.

However, there are many things that I wonder about in terms of the true sense of freedom that can be experienced when someone has such a tremendous hidden burden from people they love. In her email, this sister refers several times to “battling” with God on many occasions over the past few years regarding the sharing of her abortion story. Many times she has wondered if He was asking her to share.

The scripture says that TRUTH sets us free!!

Most importantly, I believe with all of my heart that in the case of abortion the enemy continues to win and win and win with the help of our silence!! There is a difference between FORGIVEN and HEALED!!!!

He is stealing the lives of our children then he is keeping their mothers suffering alone!!
While this sister is silent, she is not able to fight!! She is not able to stand up and share her pain and God’s healing with other women, she is not able to boldly declare truth in the church about WHO and HOW MANY women have been traumatized by abortion!!

She is not able to open doors of healing to other women in the church who have abortion in their past. The enemy still has a hold on her heart and in many cases her ministry!!

Abortion continues to ravage our nation, in and out of the church!!

God has forgiven your sin sister but I wonder, how many women do not know of His healing love because His church is still silent!!
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
James 5:16,19-20 (Message)

I love you! I am praying that God’s peace is yours as you seek His will for your personal plan of action!!
Psalm 139:16

In Him,