One of the more common statements we hear from STS Bible Study participants is, “I never knew I needed this!”

My passion is for women to walk in freedom after abortion, but the first and sometimes most difficult step is to accept the fact that abortion has left a wound. A wound that desperately needs healing.

There is no doubt in my mind that abortion leaves deep and intricate wounds in every person that experiences it and no one walks away unscathed.

Some choose to ignore the wound while others are just blinded to it. There are many reasons (too many to list all of them here!) that can make it so difficult to acknowledge this type of wound.

  • Repressed memories conceal very real trauma
  • Challenging life circumstances appease our question as to whether or not we’ve made the right choice
  • Those closest to us impressed their influence/opinions on us
  • The world indoctrinates us with lies that abortion is only about “rights” and “choice”, that abortion does not hurt women, and a child is, somehow, not actually a child when it is located in its mother’s womb
  • We are afraid and overwhelmed by the idea of turning around and facing our past, convinced we will be crushed under the weight of it

All of these reasons are understandable, but what we need to grasp is that just because we’re not consciously thinking about the past hurts in our lives, doesn’t mean that we are not being affected by them. Pretending the wound is not there, will not make it eventually disappear. If you ignored a broken ankle, you would end up walking around with a painful limp for the rest of your life.  Time does not heal all wounds, it is what we do with our pain in that time that matters. Healing is a process of going backward in order to move forward and when we avoid short-term pain, we forfeit long-term freedom.

Surrendering the Secret is an inner healing Bible study that was created to address a specific wound. Many with an abortion wound, will recognize that something is not quite right and will look for relief in all manner of places, but this type of wound requires specific treatment.

Healing after abortion will not be found in positive affirmations or healing mantras.

Healing after abortion will not be found in a mountain of self-help books.

Healing after abortion most definitely will not be found in the many unhealthy coping mechanisms we adopt to numb and distract ourselves from the pain.

Healing after abortion can be found in one place and one place alone. In the arms of Jesus. Only Jesus can take our deepest pain and cause life to bloom out of that dry, cracked ground.

I was one of those participants that had no idea I needed what Surrendering the Secret had to offer. In my testimony, I describe my abortion wound being locked inside of a big, iron trunk buried so deep below the surface that I actually lived my life, for a time, as if it never actually happened.

I had no reason to think that I needed healing because the wound did not seem to have any effect on my life at all. It wasn’t until I was introduced to STS, through what I thought at the time was a completely random coincidence, but was obviously a divine appointment, that I finally said yes to the healing and found out just how much I desperately did need it.

As I went through the study, Jesus took hold of my hand, led me to all of the closed off areas of my heart, brushed off the cobwebs, and exposed everything that was inside to His grace and truth. For eight chapters, He went along with me, uncovering things long buried and forgotten, shining His Light into the darkness.

We have a saying in the healing community…”Jesus cannot heal what we do not reveal.”

One of the greatest privileges I have had in serving with this ministry, has been witnessing how gentle and how faithful Jesus has been to countless numbers of men and women who have taken the lives of their own flesh and blood (myself included!). He is just waiting to show you His loving kindness, waiting to show you the path to freedom. But first, we need to acknowledge our wounds before Him, trust in Him as our Healer, and give Him permission to tend to those wounds.

So, how about you?

Is it finally time to heal?

At Surrendering the Secret, we have a team of women who understand what you’re feeling, we’ve had the same fears and doubts you’re experiencing, and asked the same questions you’re asking right now, and we want to come alongside you for support.

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