It is our dream, here at Surrendering the Secret (STS), to set stories free! Stories that will save generations from the heartbreak of abortion.

Actually—stories that will save GENERATIONS FROM BEING ABORTED!

Stories that will destroy the lie that abortion is a quick and easy fix for an unplanned pregnancy.

Stories that will share the truth about “women’s rights”, “freedom”, and truth.

Abortion is everything but FREEDOM. We all know that abortion steals innocent lives, but have you ever considered how abortion is a trap that captures the hearts and minds OF THE LIVING for decades!

In the world of post Roe v Wade, we have a very small sliver of time to set those stories FREE.

A small sliver of time for our stories to be heard. At Surrendering the Secret, our goal is to FREE the voices and stories of the MILLIONS upon MILLIONS who are not just a part of the rhetoric but are part of the holocaust.

To achieve an Abortion Free America, the stories of those healed from the heartbreak and lies of abortion need to be heard. In the media, around friend groups, and inside families.

Since its first publication in 2009 and UPDATED VERSION in 2019, Surrendering the Secret has grown to become the largest organized, leader driven, abortion recovery ministry in the world.

We have continued for over 13 years to be the highest rated recovery recourse on Amazon!

Only God could make that happen.

Only His people can help us grow.

  • We have trained, equipped, and continually support over 6,000 ministry leaders across the world
  • We have an inner circle networking and support group of 800 highly engaged leaders
  • We host monthly training and 24/7 networking for our leaders

Close to 200 new leaders were trained in 2022.

By the grace of God, we are changing stories and we are setting them FREE in their communities to share truth with others.

Just listen to this TRUE STORY…

A young woman in NORWAY cries out to God for help and healing from the heartbreak of her abortion. No one in her family knows.

She searched online for help.

She is led to the 5 day Surrendering the Secret Reading Plan on the YouVersion Bible app.

She starts with that short study and sees FREEDOM and hope in her future. Something no amount of professional counseling has helped her find.

She then contacts STS via our website (over 250 have contacted us this past year through our website) and asks for HELP.

Most people come to STS help through their local pregnancy center and church leaders.

Our International staff rallies and sets her up with our closest Certified Leaders, who in this case were in IRELAND, thousands of miles away.

The two leaders walk with her via a virtual group through the 8 healing steps of STS.

She is SET FREE, shares her story with her family, then connects with me via email about becoming a trained leader.

THAT is how we do it!

ONLY GOD can make those connections.

ONLY YOU can help us reach more.

We need your help to meet a $15,000-budget deficit this past year and to reach our $50,000 dream goal for 2023.

We are asking God for provision to take our leaders OUT into the world to attend conferences and events that will take our ministry to a new level.

Here is how you do it! (click the link to donate!)

Thank you for supporting the ministry of STS.

As with any 501c3, Board led, Donor funded Nonprofit Ministry, we can’t do this without you,

Thank you!

Pat Layton

Author and Founder