There are 2 parts to any healing journey. The healing that only God can do and the healing steps that only you can take.

During my healing journey with Surrendering the Secret, the Lord addressed the shame in my heart after abortion with a vision of Him wrapping me up in His arms and lifting me off a metal table (like the ones you see in a morgue). When He set me down, I was wearing a white dress, and then He danced with me.

The shame immediately melted away. It would seem that after something as incredible as that vision was, that I would be done with shame for good.

But here’s the thing, shame is like an invasive weed and can come back if we remain in our silence.

One of the hardest things for me is to see someone go through Surrendering the Secret then never share their story.

It’s in the sharing that shame comes to know it has no power over you.

I spent time in prayer asking the Lord to direct me – Who should I tell and when?

When His answers came, I knew in my heart with 100% certainty what He was saying. So, I stressed, and I sweat, and I panicked a little…and then I shared.

Over and over again.

And because every now and then, that nasty weed tries to break through the soil of my heart, I’m still sharing.

So, what about you?
Is your heart entangled in shame?

Here is a good indicator –
“If you can’t share your story, then you are not free.” Pat Layton

My encouragement for you today is to spend some time in prayer and ask God, “Who do I need to tell?” And when He answers, you might stress, and sweat, and panic a little and that’s ok. Just keep moving forward and share.

Telling our stories in safe places leads to freedom. Not just for the one sharing, but for the one listening too.

There is someone out there that needs to hear your testimony just as much as you need to share it.

Surrendering the Secret is here for you wherever you are in your healing journey. Reach out to us today and let us know how we can support you as you escape shame.