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Is your heart broken from a past abortion?

We are here for you! Surrendering the Secret (STS) is a team of over 6,000 volunteer leaders who are here for you. STS is an 8 part study that will lead you through 8 steps of a powerful life-changing process that will heal your heartbreak and set you free from shame, loss and confusion about a choice for abortion.

We are here for YOU!

Simply email the NATIONAL LEADER leader at the area closest to your home from the options below. She will connect you with one of our more than 6,000 worldwide Certified Leaders CONFIDENTIALLY for a personal and safe conversation. Our leaders are available for FACE TO FACE support or online visits. Simply email the leader at the area closest to your home to set up a conversation.

Atlanta- National Headquarters




Kristina Chenevey


Lisa Willoughby


Missouri & Kansas States

Monique Ortega

New Jersey/New York

Christine Trevorrow

New Mexico

Annie Rogers

Ohio and Pennsylvania


Cathy McHenry

Texas - North

Texas - South

Jennifer Maxwell


Karen Halderson, Edmonton, Canada

International Leaders

Contact for contact assistance

If you don’t know which leader to reach out to or don’t see your state listed, please reach out to Dominique Lattin at our corporate office and she will assist with connecting you to one of our National Leaders. She can be reached at

Thank you for your brave response and asking for help to
heal the heartbreak of a past abortion.


Sneak a peak at Surrendering the Secret via our FREE SAMPLE of the book or the 5-Day Reading Plan via You Version

Many women who have experienced abortion hide the secret deep in their hearts and suffer in silence. Join Pat Layton in this 5-day reading plan of Surrendering the Secret that enables women to release this burden and find freedom through honest, interactive Bible study. This powerful, redemptive study helps each hurting woman find her personal path to healing.

Surrendering the Secret will allow women to release this burden and find freedom through ‘redemptive community’ while experiencing hope and joy, as shame and failure are replaced with beauty.

Privately purchase Surrendering the Secret materials, including the Surrendering the Secret online 8 part video series, from Lifeway.

Tens of thousands around the world have found healing from the emotional, spiritual, and even physical scars abortion leaves behind. This unforgettable book will guide you or someone you love to surrender the secret and find hope for the future.

Purchase A Surrendered Life, which is a chapter reading book rather than a study guide, via Amazon.

Surrendering The Secret: Surrendering The Heart of the Father addresses the profound journey of the men whose lives have been affected by abortion. It is a powerful guide that helps hurting men to find healing and freedom from the loss and shame of a past abortion.

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