Press Releases–A Surrendered Life, July 2014


Patricia K. Layton describes the heartbreak of her past abortion, and leads readers through the 8 part healing process that set her FREE! The book is for use by individuals, couples, in churches, pregnancy resource centers and professional counseling organizations. 

TAMPA, Fla. – After having an abortion when she was 23, Patricia K. Layton fell into a life of self-destruction and doubt until she accepted God into her life at 30. This life-altering act began a journey of ministry and healing that has helped her work with thousands upon thousands of individuals experiencing the heartbreak abortion leaves in its wake. A Surrendered Life: A Thoughtful Approach to Finding Freedom. Healing and Hope After Abortion”(published by Baker Books, July 2014) is a chapter style book designed to go along with a bible study published by Lifeway entitled Surrendering the Secret.

As a companion book, A Surrendered Life details an eight step program to help individuals experiencing a broken heart after abortion.

The book will help readers:

  • Understand why so many women and men choose abortion
  • Recognize the potential effects of a past abortion and symptoms of post-abortion trauma.
  • Examine what God says about abortion
  • Discover eight steps to healing and restoration
  • Identify specific action steps that can be taken today that will make a difference in the home, church or community

“My desire for every reader of A Surrendered Life is that they will take away a deeper understanding of the heartbreak of abortion,” says Layton, “and for those who have experienced that heartbreak firsthand – hope, healing and a ‘voice’ of truth for those facing the choice of abortion.”

About the Author

Patricia K. Layton is the Author of 6 books, a national speaker, author and ministry leader. Layton writes articles for newspapers, blogs, newsletters and ministry media, including Lifeway, Focus on the Family and Proverbs 31 Ministries. She hosts a national women’s conference called “Imagine Me…Set Free” (

For information about Pat’s latest book Life Unstuck: Finding Peace with your Past, Purpose in your Present and Passion for your Future and her companion “Girls Night Out” event. Visit the Life Unstuck Website or email Pat at

Layton has received numerous awards and honors, as well as, being a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors; CareNet and Heartbeat (both international networks of pregnancy care centers). She has served on national ministry Boards such as Proverbs 31 Ministries, the Florida Governor’s Media Service Review Team for the Abstinence Education Plan and the Florida Governor’s Partnership for Adoption and has been recognized by the Florida House of Representatives with the Promise of Excellence award.

Layton shares her daily life as a wife, mother and grandmother of five on her personal website at

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