Our team is HUGE and passionate–over 3,000 leaders across the nation have been trained to serve or partner with you.

It is our hearts desire to serve you either as a post abortion recovery leader or someone who needs help through this heartbreaking journey. These ladies have years and years on ministry experience and have partnered with STS in national leadership for as long as 7 years!

Below is a current list of active NATIONAL LEADERS.

Please find the one closest to you and connect with her for help and support. If she is NOT in your State she will do all that is possible to help you find someone close to you.

Debora Wilbourn


Email: deborawilbournSTS@gmail.com

Phone: 575-513-1282

Organization: First Baptist Church

In 1973, at the age of 19, Debora lost her first child to abortion. The decision was made in fear and without understanding of the life that was growing inside her. Although she was raised in a Christian home and had accepted Jesus as her Savior at the age of 11, she still chose to end the life of her own child.

For almost 30 years, Debora refused to deal with this part of her past, but God began to gently lead her to a place of repentance and then a desire to reach out to other women who had walked the same road. Living in rural New Mexico there were no post-abortion recovery programs available for her to participate in at the time, however, Debora felt strongly that she needed to receive that kind of healing. Surrendering the Secret bible study and DVD series was published by Lifeway and released for sale in January 2008. Debora learned about this study through her church’s statewide publication, bought the kit and worked through it on her own that summer. In September of 2008, she introduced the study to her home church and began an abortion recovery ministry there.

Jill Marquis – North Carolina

Email: SurrenderJill@gmail.com

Jill Marquis describes herself as a wretch saved only by God’s amazing grace. She has been married to her husband for twenty years and they are the parents of two children. While she has a degree in finance and is certified in residential design, she had previously credited six years of coaching Odyssey of the Mind (a creative problem solving competition) as her most challenging and rewarding endeavor, until Surrendering the Secret, that is.

Participating in Surrendering the Secret is, by far, the biggest risk she has ever taken. Going public with such a private decision about having had an abortion required a tremendous amount of prayer and support from her family. As a National Leader for the Surrendering the Secret, she said it has been an honor and a privilege helping women repair their relationship with the Lord and come to terms with their abortion decision. She has also volunteered as a Women’s Ministry Leader and has worked as the Event Coordinator for a Christian author and speaker.

Carrie Bond – Texas

Email: cbond@greenwoodbc.com

Organization: Discover Hope Ministry/Greenwood Baptist Church

Carrie Bond is passionate about helping connect women to a vibrant walk with Christ and discovering the joy of journeying together. As a woman who has not personally experienced an abortion, she is so humbled that God has allowed her to be a tool with “Surrendering the Secret” helping unlock women’s hearts so they can experience his healing and hope. Whether sharing one-on-one or in a group setting, Carrie delights in equipping and encouraging women with the truths of God found in “Surrendering the Secret.” A pastor’s wife and homeschool mother of 3 (soon to be 4-and all through the blessing of adoption), Carrie leads the Women’s Ministry at her church in Texas, serves as a Regional Representative for the SBTC WOmen in Ministry Team and as a National Leader for “Surrendering the Secret”. One of her greatest joys is to see women powerfully and profoundly impacted by the Word of God.

Chrissy Aguiar – California

Email: a.newhope@yahoo.com

Organization: Big Valley Grace Community Church



Karen Marsman – Michigan

Email: karenmarsman@yahoo.com

Karen became involved in post-abortive ministries eleven years ago after seeing the pain and devastation abortion caused in the lives of people she knew and loved. Wanting to help, she began leading Bible studies through her church and local ministries. By helping women focus on God’s love and forgiveness, she saw the remarkable transformation of God’s healing power in those weighed down by guilt and regret.

For five years Karen was involved in Alpha Women’s Center, a local crisis pregnancy ministry. She served first as a volunteer, then as assistant director, and finally as director of one of the locations.

Since 2008 Karen has been the director of post-abortive healing at Garden of Hope, a local ministry of care and compassion that helps women find alternatives to abortion or healing from abortion. It was through Garden of Hope that Karen became aware of Surrendering the Secret Bible study. She started leading the study in 2008 and became a certified leader in 2010. She loves this resource because it is steeped in Scripture and points women to God as their healer. Most women come to the group thinking they are alone in their feelings. The DVDs that accompany each lesson assure women that others feel the same way. For many women, the Bible study is the first time in years that they realize they are not alone.

Aimee Beltran – St. Johns, Michigan

Email: aimeebeltran88@gmail.com

Aimee’s heart desire and deepest passion is to share the love of Jesus Christ and His plan for healing and wholeness for those misled by the emptiness of abortion. If you are located in Michigan please contact her for help.

Cindy Case – Naples, Florida 

Email: sts@fbcn.org

Cindy longs to see women become healed and whole from their abortions which then opens doors for healing in other areas of their lives. Her dream is to see Surrendering the Secret in every church.

Jo Lynn Ensor – Naples, Florida

Email: rjensor@gmail.com

Jo Lynn wants to reach women in her community that are in need of healing and forgiveness from a previous abortion. She believes once a woman has been healed, she is empowered by the Lord to share with others who are post-abortive and with others who are in the position of making the same mistake.

Catherine Kilmer – Prescott Valley, Arizona

Email: cathy.kilmer@gmail.com

Cathy knows that God wants no one to be in bondage to sin. She considers The Great Commission is her charge. She is a part of God’s army and wants to change the world!