Jill Marquis

Email: SurrenderJill@gmail.com

Jill Marquis describes herself as a wretch saved only by God’s amazing grace. She has been married to her husband for twenty years and they are the parents of two children. While she has a degree in finance and is certified in residential design, she had previously credited six years of coaching Odyssey of the Mind (a creative problem solving competition) as her most challenging and rewarding endeavor, until Surrendering the Secret, that is.

Participating in Surrendering the Secret is, by far, the biggest risk she has ever taken. Going public with such a private decision about having had an abortion required a tremendous amount of prayer and support from her family. As a National Leader for the Surrendering the Secret, she said it has been an honor and a privilege helping women repair their relationship with the Lord and come to terms with their abortion decision. She has also volunteered as a Women’s Ministry Leader and has worked as the Event Coordinator for a Christian author and speaker.