Karen Marsman

Karen became involved in post-abortive ministries eleven years ago after seeing the pain and devastation abortion caused in the lives of people she knew and loved. Wanting to help, she began leading Bible studies through her church and local ministries. By helping women focus on God’s love and forgiveness, she saw the remarkable transformation of God’s healing power in those weighed down by guilt and regret.

For five years Karen was involved in Alpha Women’s Center, a local crisis pregnancy ministry. She served first as a volunteer, then as assistant director, and finally as director of one of the locations.

Since 2008 Karen has been the director of post-abortive healing at Garden of Hope, a local ministry of care and compassion that helps women find alternatives to abortion or healing from abortion. It was through Garden of Hope that Karen became aware of Surrendering the Secret Bible study. She started leading the study in 2008 and became a certified leader in 2010. She loves this resource because it is steeped in Scripture and points women to God as their healer. Most women come to the group thinking they are alone in their feelings. The DVDs that accompany each lesson assure women that others feel the same way. For many women, the Bible study is the first time in years that they realize they are not alone.

“Every time I lead a group I walk away amazed at the difference in them from the first day,” Karen says. “God always meets them, heals, and restores them. This isn’t the end of the healing journey for them, but they are on the right path. They know God’s truth and that even this sin can be forgiven. They can walk in victory. The enemy no longer holds them in bondage.”

Karen has been involved in planning two Imagine Me Set Free conferences with Pat Layton. She chaired the leadership committee for the second conference, which was held at her own church, Calvary Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Karen serves on the Women’s Advisory Committee at Calvary Church and also is part of the leadership team for women’s Bible study. In addition, she is the “go to” person for ministries in need of event-planning expertise.

Karen and her husband, Bruce, have been married since 1991 and have four children and twelve grandchildren.