Surrendering the Secret Leader Training Schedule

Next Leader Training–ZOOMINAR (on-line//face to face)

Trainer: Pat Layton, Author

February 16th  11:00 am EST til 3 pm EST



March 28th 9am–4pm

Trainer: Heather Hawkins, National Leader

Hopkinsville, Ky

Contact for details: Heather Hawkins


To Request Pat to speak at your SOHL fundraiser or training event!

What people are saying about Pat’s results for PRC and Adoption Agency Fund Raising Events:

“We were in awe of how Pat was able to speak directly to the audience of supporters on the difficult topic of abortion as if they were her closest friends.! Her speaking style is unassuming yet sophistated and delightfully witty.  Her experience and confidence combined with a powerful personal testimony resonated with all ages of attendees.   Her challenging appeal and message compelled our guests to give more than in any other fundraiser we’ve held before!” Our supporters are still talking about the banquet.  So many positive comments!  God was glorified and our goals were exceeded that evening for sure!

Claire Cheely – Executive Director, Fallbrook Pregnancy Resource Center, CA

What people are saying about STS Leader Trainings:

” I would encourage your church to be trained and equipped through Surrendering the Secret today. This small group study can be a life changing experience for women who have experienced the pain of abortion and lead to freedom in Christ ” – Dawn Stephens

“This training is wonderful and so indepth biblically! God’s word is alive through out! Praise His name!” – New Braunfels Training, August 2012

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Pat and her team of National Trainers are available for Face to Face Training in your church or pregnancy resource center.


Why You Need the STS Leader Online Leader Training

The STS Audio Leader Training is an easy to follow training process designed for individual use with either Surrendering the Secret Bible Study or A Surrendered Life chapter book interchangeably. Author Pat Layton teaches the training (the exact material used in her face-to face training events) and follows chapter by chapter through each the 8 Healing Steps used in both resources. This is an excellent training resource for independent post abortion recovery leaders, pregnancy resource center volunteers and staff; church ministry leaders and Christian Counselors and Coaches. This training will equip attendees to fully understand the STS healing process and includes tools for engaging the church; reaching women and men who need help and step by step tips on how to get your ministry started.


  • The STS AUDIO Training, taught by Author Pat Layton, helps potential ministry leaders fully understand the post abortion healing process and takes Leaders step by step and page by page through the STS Leader Guide available at Lifeway Christian Resources. 
  • The training teaches the truth about abortion using facts and data from reputable sources.
  • You will learn how to engage the Church in the post abortion healing ministry.
  • You will learn how to engage the Community in post abortion healing.

This downloadable audio training package contains:

  • 2 Part Audiotape of Author, Pat Layton (approx 3 hours of audio training) providing a page-by-page walk through the STS Leader book***.
  • Course Evaluation and STS State Ambassador Leader Information
  • A PDF of the STS Leader Training Slide Presentation as note the Listening Guide
  • A time noted listening guide to provide for ease in returning to specific points of the training as needed.

NOTE***An STS Ministry Package available from Lifeway Christian Resources MUST BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY for use with your Surrendering the Secret or A Surrendered Life Healing Groups.

This KIT will be reused over and over with each ministry group or individual and includes:

8 Downloadable Videos–1 for each of the 8 Weeks of STS/ASL Meetings.

Leader Guide that takes the STS/ASL Leader through each step of the 8 weeks study and prepares her or him for the supplies needed each week as well as all the tools needed for a successful ministry.

Surrendering the Secret (Bible Study) Member Book/Bible Study for each group participant.

Note A Surrendered Life can be used interchnagabley with Surrendering the Secret products if a Chapter Study is preferred over a Bible Study such as for a weekend retreat or a couples meeting.

THE STS AUDIO LEADER TRAINING IS A COPYRIGHTED PRODUCT AND IS FOR INDIVIDUAL USE ONLY! It is not to be duplicated, reproduced or shared without permission of the Author, Pat Layton.

If your are interest in Hosting a Local Face to Face STS Leader Training

If you or your organization are interested in offering and hosting a local STS Training please contact Pat or the STS National office for information